Board Members, Fall 2013

Anna Trejo
Classical Languages, History of Art - Emphasis in Classical Mediterranean Art
5th Year

Of special interest to Anna is the discourse between art and culture and the role of classical studies in the modern era. She can be frequently found translating Greek and Latin in cafes around campus.

Speak with Anna about: ancient languages, double majoring, learning languages at CAL or abroad, the Hellenistic period, Roman, Etruscan, Greek and near eastern art, and vikings!

Victoria Chandler
History of Art major (Emphasis in Western Art), Scandinavian Studies minor. 3rd Year.
Victoria enjoys all types of art and is expanding her personal and academic horizons through travel. Presently, she is interested in contemporary art. In Summer 2012, Victoria attended the University of Oslo International Summer School before spending the Fall 2012 semester in Paris, France with the UC Education Abroad Program. There she took courses in French, Art History and European Studies. Victoria is now a Berkeley UCEAP Ambassador.
Speak with Victoria about: Museums in Europe, balancing electives and required coursework, the Worth Ryder Art Gallery internship, studying abroad, travel, the European Union, studying Norwegian language, the College Ski and Snowboard Club and International House.

Catherine Volmensky

History of Art major – Emphasis in the Early Modern Period. 4th Year. 

Catherine is interested in the cross-cultural exchange that occurred in the Mediterranean region during that late Middle Ages through the Early Modern period. In particular, Catherine is interested in the way religious images of this period responded to influences such as print, pilgrimage and material culture. 

Speak with Catherine about: transferring, Celtic literature/mythology, Norse and Greek mythology, Arthurian literature, Shakespeare, Vittore Carpaccio, Hendrick ter Brugghen, medieval music, baroque music, traveling in the Near East

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