Meet H.ART

2016-2017 BOARD

Gabriella Wellons

Major: History of Art - Emphasis in Art of the Americas 
Standing: Junior
Position: Internal Affairs Director

About Gabriella:
Gabriella is a third-year transfer student from San Diego, California. She studies History of Art with a focus in visual cultures of the indigenous Americas. Her primary interests are Native North American and Pre-Columbian art, anthropology of art, and global perspectives in art history.

In the past, Gabriella has worked as a Liaison at the Lux Art Institute, Art Gallery Assistant at the William D. Cannon Gallery, and Art Teacher Assistant at Aviara Oaks Middle School.

See Gabriella for: undergraduate research, non-Western art and anthropology, and preparation for graduate school.

Yuki Yamamoto

Major: History of Art - Emphasis in Contemporary Art
Minor: Performance Studies
Standing: Senior
Position: Marketing Director/Webmaster

About Yuki:
Yuki is a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in History of Art with a focus on contemporary art. Her research interests lie in performance art in the late sixties and seventies in relation to sexuality, endurance, body politics, and transnationalism.

Yuki interned at Christie's Japan this past summer, as well as worked as a Gallery Assistant at the Bedford Gallery. Currently, she works for Cal Performances on campus at Zellerbach Hall.

See Yuki for: performing arts, art market/business, questions & concerns particular to Int'l/ESL students, and entertainment in general (Netflix shows included).

Laura Weinthal

Major: History of Art
Minor: Public Policy
Standing: Junior
Position: Marketing Director/Webmaster

About Laura: coming soon

Chloe Wong

Major: English
Standing: Senior
Position: Secretary

About Chloe: coming soon

2014-15 BOARD

Jessy Bell

Major: History of Art, Emphasis in Modern and Contemporary Art
Minor: French
Standing: Junior

About Jessy:
Jessy is a third year transfer student from San Diego, California. She studies history of art with a focus on modern and contemporary art. She is currently focusing her research on post colonialism/postwar developments in abstraction, public monuments, and global modernism with plans to continue her work in a graduate program. She is on campus more often than not, spending much of her time in Doe Library reading and sorting through her hand-written, cursive, highly-detailed notes.

Jessy has extensive hands-on experience in curation, exhibition design, and gallery and museum marketing and development. Most recently, she was an intern for Education Curatorial department at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

See Jessy for: Scholarship applications, internships, writing and research questions, modern and contemporary art and monuments, French minor, and corgi puppy pictures.

Jennie Yoon

Major: History of Art
Standing: Junior

About Jennie:
Jennie is a third-year art history major studying modern and contemporary art with a special interest in photography and identity. She is also minoring in education, with a focus on education and societal development. You can usually find her reading a book or writing at a nearby cafe between classes.

Jennie has experience working at the Worth Ryder Art Gallery on campus in Kroeber Hall, as well as with volunteering and youth educational outreach programs. After finishing her undergraduate work at Berkeley, she hopes to pursue graduate school in the field of education.

See Jennie for: modern and contemporary art, photography and visual studies, gallery work, educational outreach, and general thoughts/worries/hopes/dreams in regards to the pursuit of art.

Diana Sanchez

Major: History of Art; Art Practice
Standing: Senior

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